No Sun Required…

We all love a good tan, right? I know I do… somehow I just feel so much better when my skin is tanned. Its like something magic happens and my skin instantly looks firmer and I feel more confident in myself. Some may argue that is ridiculous and I shouldn’t need a tan to feel better in my own skin but hey, it’s true and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m sure there are lots of people that will feel the same way.

For me, I tan quite well on holiday but naturally my skin is almost ‘see through’ (tis true!) and seeing as I usually only go on holiday once or twice a year, the ‘see through’ look is most of the time for me. When it came to getting married in Ibiza a couple of months back, I knew I wanted to be tanned on my big day, but I also knew it would take longer than 3 days for my tan to take shape. I don’t use sunbeds for obvious reasons but I did resort to going on a couple before my wedding (naughty I know & not something I recommend at all, or something I do usually). I didn’t even consider a spray tan, as I thought with the heat and sweat it would probably look awful come my wedding day. If only I had known about MoroccanTan Spray Tanning, my problems would have been solved (in a safe, sunbed free way!)

My lovely nail technician Kat (she does the most amazing nails!) told me about MoroccanTan & I was instantly intrigued. I’ve always been a worrier when it came to spray tans, being so pale usually results in me resembling an ‘umpa lumpa’ (minus the green hair) so I have avoided them. Learning that MoroccanTan comes in 6 different shades, making it perfect for those with paler skins got my brain ticking. I often have brides asking me about having spray tans before their big day and I have always said go for it, but have a trial run first to be sure you like it. Lets face it, no bride wants to look like they’ve been tangoed on their wedding day.   So when Kat suggested it was something I looked into offering my brides, I jumped straight into researching the course!

Fast forward a few weeks and I am now offering the most amazing spray tans!! I cannot rave about MoroccanTan enough. Having now had it done myself, I can say first hand it is the most natural looking, radiant (fake) tan I have ever had. There wasn’t a hint of orange in sight, no smell of biscuits like most tans give and the amount of people that asked me where I had been on holiday was quite amusing. Best of all, with this spray tan you can rinse if off after 2 hours so no more brown bed sheets from sleeping in it.

MorccanTan is enriched with argan oil and vitamin E, it helps soften and moisturise the skin, producing a deep bronze tan that leaves the skin super soft . The organic argan oil helps hydrate the skin, making the spraytan last longer (usually 7-10 days). It is suitable for all skin types and for anyone that knows me, you’ll know how anal I am about what I put on my skin… I check the ingredients of everything to avoid all the nasties so to know MoroccanTan is Alcohol, sulphate and paraben-free is a huge bonus!

As I mentioned, there are 6 different shades so whether you are bride to be who wants a natural glow for your wedding day, or you are going on holiday and want to be a bronze goddess ready for your bikini, there is tan waiting for you!

If you are interested in booking in for a spray tan, they are £20 and I can either come to you in the comfort of your home or you can come to my home studio.

Feel free to email, message or call me for more info… my contact details are here

Time to get your tan on ladies!

 …Kim x














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