A Valentines Pout

Hi lovelies….

So this is my very first blog post and I’m so excited about it!

My first post was going to be on one of my favourite facial serums at the moment, however with it being Valentines Day tomorrow, I decided to do a post on my favourite red lipstick instead.

There are so many different shades of red lisptick, with various finishes but my all time fav has to be Arbonne’s Runway Rouge.  It is a more pinkish shade of red, infused with a subtle shimmer and is a red that really suits my skin tone (It does look a deeper shade of red in the images and looks more matte than it actually is). The pigment is fantastic; it is very vivid, without looking over the top and is very long lasting (I always take time when applying red lipstick to ensure I create a stain on the lips for durability).  The ingredients include Mango butter, alpine Skullcap, pomegranate and vitamins A, C and E. I have to say it is intensely hydrating so great if you suffer with dry lips yet is still  extremely long lasting… an all round winner for me!

I always use a lip liner when applying a red lipstick (here I have used one of Arbonne’s lip liners in Cherry). Lip liners are great for creating the perfect shape (you can change the shape of the lips and give the effect of fuller lips if they are thinner). I begin by applying a thin layer of red lipstick with a lip brush, creating more of a stain on the lips.  If you follow the natural lip shape when doing this, you can then use your lip liner to correct the shape.  By using the lip liner once you have applied a thin layer of lipstick, you can see the shape you want to create or where the shape needs correcting (sometimes you will find you lip is higher on one side, or your bottom lip is fuller so you can correct this with the lip liner).

You can then use your lip brush and lipstick to go over and create a fuller coverage and a better stain. This will also work the lip liner into the rest of colour.   Once I am at this stage, I blot my lips with a tissue.  With Arbonne’s lipsticks being very moisturising, I always blot and reapply a couple of times so as to ensure I get a really good stain and it lasts a long time.

It you prefer to wear a glossy lip, you can apply a clear lip-gloss over the top of the lipstick.  I have used Arbonne’s Clear Lip Polish, which contains Aloe Vera. I love the lip polishes because they don’t leave a sticky residue.

 Runway Rouge and it really does give a gorgeous, glamorous valentines pout!

You can purchase Arbonne Runway Rouge Lipstick, as well as the Cherry lip liner and Clear lip polish online by visiting www.kimberleybrook.myarbonne.co.uk.

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